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what every lady should know

Aug 10 2017 at 03:06am

I saw this somewhere online and thought I should share it here.

A lot of girls today complain guys walk away from them simply bcus they refused having sex with them. While some are even tempted given away their virginity just to keep the guy.
Let me be blunt here. Looking at it critically you will see that virginity may not be the real reason why guys walk away,it may not be sex either.

The story of the ten virgins in the bible made us to understand dat both the wise and the foolish were virgin; the other five wer not allowed to see the bridegroom not bcus dey were virgin or dey lost their virginity.
NO! But bcus they were foolish and called foolish bcus they had no EXTRA OIL
And what is that EXTRA OIL if i may ask?
The EXTRA OIL here is your CHARACTER or those things you can offer in a relationship apart from SEX, VIRGINITY AND PHYSICAL BEAUTY.
Most girls don't have that EXTRA OIL to sustain them in any relationship, while some brag about virginity, that's all they gat to offer.
Apart from virginity and sex what else can u offer to a man?
Can you support him physically?
Can you support him financially?
Can you support him spiritually?
How about mentally?

All you do is demanding money for bags, shoes, cloths and outing. Makin him spend unnecessarily because you see relationship as a Job opportunity, sex as your office duty and virginity as a CV or qualification for the job.
Have u ever sat him down and help him plan his future?
Has he ever seen you as someone he can confide in ?
How many time has he come to you in a state of dilemma seeking your advice?
Rather than jumping from one place to another all in the name of enjoyment.

As for the virgins dat refuse to understand or even remember that virginity ends after wedding night but the extra oil continues . try to be a woman dat a man will always regret losing for the rest of his life, be d woman dat ur man can't afford losing.

it makes a lot of sense to me. what do you think?

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