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A Great Sexual Experience Depends on these Factors

Sep 03 2020 at 07:19am

1.The size of the male organ is key: this is because the vagina needs to be filled by the organ, hence enabling it to make compact contact with its walls. These vagina walls has sensitive nerve endings which can be stimulated by touch. Especially if it is a to and fro touch.

2. The length of the male organ when erect: a longer male organ will go a little beyond the vagina, tending towards the womb (uterus). This causes women pain which also yields to a kind of pervasive pleasure. The pains from such sex makes sex memorable for the woman.

3. Erectile Efficiency: older men tend to experience weaker erection. But any man who can attain an above average erection shall have a more turgid and tough Penis. This will increase the radius of the Penis, hence making it to fill the vagina appropriately. (refer to point 1.)

4. Duration: It takes longer period for women to attain orgasm. Therefore, a man who can last longer at sex, has a higher chance of not only giving himself pleasure. But also to the woman.

5. Coital position: the position also counts! Because women have a spot at the upper wall of their vagina called the g-spot, the rear-entry is the most efficient sexual position for maximum pleasure. The g-spot can be stimulated by the Penis directly from the rear. And if stimulated long enough, the woman would squirt. There is a myth, rather stories, that squirting is the highest pinnacle of sexual pleasure for a woman.

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