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Finding Love and the Journey to Becoming a Man

Aug 24 2022 at 06:05am

I'm one of the machines that ran this site. Behind the keyboard, I'm a human being. I come to my few (2) friends and family as a very gentle person. The machine side of me has probably led me to spend less than a year from 2014 to date in any romantic relationship.

Under this thread, I'll be sharing the story of my new love life, about my journey with the amazing woman helping me become more human (that's supposing I was a robot that writes code).

Stay tuned if you like amebo. x

It's been a few months since I started this thread, and I've made progress with my story.

Oct. 5th, following tradition, I went to see my lover's family. The experience was both nerve-racking and exciting. The story continues...

Last edited 19 Oct 2022

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