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The Attributes Of Love You Should Know

May 14 2017 at 04:33am

The word 'I love you' are used by parents, relatives in general, friends, couples and children. These words are used by everyone, Some say them almost everyday.
Now what does love mean? Not just by saying it, in what other ways can we express it?
1. Love is kind: When you love someone, you wouldn't be harmful to that person.
You'll always want to put the desires of him/her in your mind. With the kind attribute of love, you'll always show regards and value to that person.
2. Love cares: With love, you'll always want to express appreciable gestures towards someone. When you really love someone or something, you'll show it care like no other.
3. Love brings unity: No better way to unite a people than love. If a group of people show love among themselves, they wouldn't be disunited. They'll always reason in unison.

Why love is the most important?
Love is the most important feeling on earth. Why? With love in your heart, you wouldn't hurt anyone neither would you lie against anyone.
Let's take a look at some of the ten commandments and how love can prevent you from indulging in them:
You must not steal: If you really have love for someone (perhaps your parents) you wouldn't steal their money. Would you?
You must not lie: Someone is in trouble whereby you may be implicated if the whole truth is spoken. You'll allow the truth to be said anyway, for with love for someone, you wouldn't allow him/her to suffer while you'll be left alone.
Really, love is the greatest of all, learn to love, love from your heart.

Last edited 14 May 2017

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