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How To Write An Original Content (Post).

Dec 30 2016 at 11:29am

Owning A Website/Blog is not that much of a deal but managing it is what makes it a thing. Many Blogging Nowadays Dont Blog For Fun or Passion They do it for money. Copy and Paste Is Now many bloggers habit(believe). I was once a copy-cat but I realised that it is not helping me that much so I decided to start creating my original contents.

Here are the approaches I use when writing an original post.

Get An Interesting Topic To Write On.

Look For Important,Educative,Inspiring Topics To Write On.

Give It A Captivating (Eye Catching)Title

Your Title Should Interest your audience. they should be eager to read more of the article and possibly comment..

Lookup the title in Google search engine

Doing Little Research on your title will help determine whether it is going to rank high in Google or not if search results show many posts with nearly the same title and content , it then shows that the post you are about to work on is not original.

Write Your Post In A NotePad First Before Forwarding

You Never Can Tell What Will Happen . Use A Notepad (Simple notepad.apk recommended) to write your article , read it them forward (Copy) it to your Blog/website then post(paste).

Neat Arrangement

This is where many bloggers get 0.0 out of 5.0 Neat Post Is Key,While Content is King Your Sub Heading Alignment , Differentiation Matters..

Here is a Simple tips..

*All The Words In Your Title Should Start With A Capital Letter

* All Your Sub title Should Be Colored or Bold(Preffered)

* All You Hints,Quotes or Illustrations Should be Italic

* All Your Examples,types should be asterisked (*) or hyphened (-)

Your First Paragraph Should Be Captivating

Yes, One needs to master this the first paragraph should contain some exaggerations and a little bit of irony (optional) if the first paragraph is interesting your readers will like to read further before you know the will end up commenting possibly even bookmarking your blog.

Write A Good Conclusion

A Good Conclusion Calls For An Applauds But in this case it will call for comment your conclusion matters . it should be short and inspiring..

Now that you have read the way I write I hope you learn one or more thing on how to start or improve your writing .. Your comments are highly welcome..




Re: How To Write An Original Content (Post).

Jan 10 2017 at 07:36am

Nice One Man, I Think You Make A Every Judicious Idea There.

Keep It Up.

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