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US-based Web Hosting Company Launched Services in Nigeria - ShedamHost

Jan 31 2020 at 01:06pm

A leading US-based web hosting company ShedamHost launched web hosting and its related services in Nigeria to help Nigerians have secure and great online presence, these include dedicated servers, VPS, reseller hosting, shared hosting and of course domain registration. Now if you’re looking for a web hosting company in Nigeria with 99.99 % uptime, 24/7 supports, fastest server, and provision to pay in Nigeria or dollar, ShedamHost is the right web hosting company to talk to.

With ShedamHost’s web hosting in Nigeria, and its representative, your web hosting challenges are over and your web hosting needs in Nigeria will be met. ShedamHost provides data centre with multiple Internet connections; your visitors will always experience optimum performance when visiting your website and browsing around your website without any delay or sudden downtime.

Web hosting in Nigeria from ShedamHost gives you the privilege to host your business on our award-winning US web hosting platformS and benefit from lightning-fast speeds, unlimited bandwidth, free 1-click apps, and full option hosting features.


1. Competitive pricing

ShedamHost’s price is very competitive while maintaining high-quality service. For as low as $1.25, you can get started with the company’s shared hosting plan even at a free 1-month promo currently being advertised on the platform.

2. Service and support

The company offers all sorts of supports using email, phone, and real-time chat. ShedamHost’s web hosting services in Nigeria ensure that all issues that go into the daily operation are being handled by professionals; this gives you less work. This also implies that you can stay focused on growing your website in Nigeria and leave all of the technical work to the professional technical assistants.

3. Easy setup

As most beginner website owners have little or no idea what it entails and are looking for the easiest way to get started. ShedamHost comes in here and is completely committed to your success and satisfaction as it seeks to improve all aspects of your business through seamless web hosting in Nigeria.

4. Reliability

With so many web hosts in Nigeria and internet-based companies everywhere, ShedamHost tries its best to be one you can rely on. Whether it’s 24/7 network monitoring, keeping a close eye on network traffic, or utilizing the best hardware and software, you can rest assured that ShedamHost is on top of the game.

What are you waiting for?

If your priority is on quality and best web hosting services in Nigeria at a very affordable price, then you want to choose ShedamHost. ShedamHost ‘s web hosting services in Nigeria offer all the essential features needed for the best web hosting experience.

For any question about the web hosting in Nigeria or to get started, call the Nigerian supports/representatives at +234-809-225-3255, +234-813- 636-7446, or visit www.shedamhost.com/shared-hosting/.

Last edited 31 Jan 2020

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