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How to upload your web contents to your website using your Android Phone.

Nov 26 2018 at 12:17pm

Written by Branh Paul.

It is crystal clear and simple, just follow the procedure outlined below.

What you need:
Internet Connection;
Your website FTP host name, your username, and password.

It is advisable you use the latest version of ES FILE EXPLORER, though the workflow may be similar with the older versions.
As at the time of writing this, the latest version of ES FILE EXPLORER is

1. After downloading the ES FILE EXPLORER for Android.

2. Click on the top left toggle to open a menu.

3. Scroll down until you get to NETWORK, click on it if the hidden features are not in display.

4. Then click on FTP.

5. If you haven't used it before to upload you will be prompted to choose one among four options, choose FTP.
For those who have used it before you will see your extant FTP host there, but incase you want to create a new connection just click on NEW at the right hand side.

6. After choosing FTP, then a form will be displayed for filling. Fill the form according to what is required by your web host.
Do not forget to input your website FTP host server (this is the first box).

7. Leave out and don't fill the others if you don't comprehend them. Click "Ok."

8. If you placed every required detail correctly, you should be logged in automatically.

9. Now it is opened, If you have more than one domain on your web host, click on the domain name you want to upload your web contents to, it will be a folder.

10. Find and click the HTDOCS folder in the chosen domain. After clicking, Swipe LEFT of the ES FILE EXPLORER to open another window.

11. Find your web content, copy them, then swipe right to return to your FTP, now paste them in the prior opened HTDOCS folder.
Note: if your file is zipped, unzip first before you copy the contents to the HTDOCS folder, it takes little time to paste the contents, so be patient!

12. You can now test your website with a web browser immediately.

My webhost is byethost.com, you could sign up with them, it is free of charges.


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