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How to temporarily delete recycler virus

Apr 28 2014 at 09:05pm

The recycler virus is a kind of computer virus that turns all the files and folders in a removable disk to shortcut(.ink). Once your uncorrupted or clean disk is plugged into a corrupted computer your clean disk also becomes corrupted. Sometimes such removable disk cant be formatted. once you format everything will come back after some seconds. Here is a temporary way to prevent your memory card from beign corrupted by the recyler virus. Before you plug ur removable disk, hold ctrl+alt+del and select task manager. In the task manager go to the tab named "processes" at the top. Here you will see all the running processes. Go down till you see a process named "Wscript" all u need to do is stop the process. After stoping this process plug your removable disk and do whatever you want to do. Note that this process starts with the computer so always ensure that it is not running before you continue to plug your disk.

Note: if your computer doesnt have the Wscript process running that means it is free from recycler virus.

I will be posting how to delete the wscript permanently in my next post

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