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Download explaindio video creator CRACK

Jul 14 2019 at 05:33am

Hey, so I got a project recently which I needed to do with a software called Explaindio. It is the software used to make those youtube videos you see with a hand writing and drawing animations. All right so when I tried downloading the SW I went through some difficulties and google wasn't too helpful in finding the help I needed. I'm going to provide a simple fix for this so you don't have to go through the same stress.

First, download the software from this link

Secondly it is advised to turn off the internet and all antiviruses before
extracting the ZIP file. Read the instruction file for some guidance (though not everything there is needed)

Now install the setup file (as administrator) and make sure to check "Create Desktop shortcut" during installation

After installation DON'T launch the SW. Go back to the extracted files folder and open the "Readme" folder, then copy the "ExplaindioVideoCreator.swf" file.

Go back to desktop, right click on the Explaindio shortcut and select "Open file location". Paste the file you just copied in the folder.

DONE. Now all you need to do is launch the app and get creative.


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