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Easy way to add people to WhatsApp group (Contact Card)

May 16 2019 at 07:52am

Today I will be showing one easy way to add new members to a WhatsApp group. Being a group admin on WhatsApp and having to save every number to your contact list before you can add them to the group you are admin on can be weird (At least for me it feels weird) and it has got me saving contacts like this on my device:
That's someone I added to a Benue Developer group with extra unique identifier 19 (probably the first person I added in 2019 x

So back to the main gist, on WhatsApp web it so easy to add a new member to a group if someone on the group shares their contact card in the group. You dont even need to add the number to your phonebook. See an example contact card below:

Unlike on the WhatsApp mobile app you will find an "add to a group" button on the contact card, click on it and WhatsApp web will take you to a screen to select the group and voila! you are done.

So next time someone shares a contact on a group you are admin and you don't like saving weird contacts to your phone like me, give WhatsApp web "add to a group" button a try. Happy chatting.

You can access WhatsApp web via web.whatsapp.com via Safari, Chrome or Firefox on a computer.

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Re: Easy way to add people to WhatsApp group (Contact Card)

Jun 05 2020 at 09:12am

Wow thanks

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