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how to stop spambots on SMF

Oct 21 2014 at 04:22am

spambots are very annoying as they signup to your forum or site and flood your forum with spam topics. This is a tutorial on how to stop these spambots on simple machine forum (smf).

In this post I will be using 2 methods to stop spambots from joining your forum and also stop them from posting (just Incase they are already registered). This tutorial is for smf version 2.x

1. Enable smf default captcha.
2. Enable verification question.

how to enable captcha and verification question
-login to smf with the admin account then goto Administration > Configuration > Security and moderation
-under "Anti-Spam Verification" section enable:
Require verification on registration page .
Also set Post count under which users must pass verification to make a post pick a number that is not too high I will recommend "5".
-next move to "Configure Verification Methods" section and enable both methods (image and question).
- move to " Verification Questions" section and set questions and number of questions you want users to answer. Ask simple questions and set answers that are not case sensitive. An example of a good question is: how many colors are in the Nigerian flag? (which the obvious answer is 2).

that's all if you have any question use the comment box (quick reply)

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