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How To Build Quality Backlink Lists For Effective SEO

May 20 2017 at 10:51am

Backlinks are the backbones to every successful SEO campaign , taking your SEO to the next level will require lot of commitment and work.

A “backlink” is created when an external website links to yours. This is why some people refer to them as “external backlinks”.

One need not to work round the clock in order to achieve SEO Success .With 10-50 backlinks from quality and authoritative websites , you'll get a pleasing result.

Building Quality Backlinks For Effective SEO is not something that can happen over night , the act of Building Quality Backlink List is no child's play . I will like to share some strategic approaches I use when establishing a backlink.


You must first of all know that the number of Backlinks you have are not use to rank your website but the quality and authority of the websites where you get your backlinks is what that really matters .

How To Build Quality Backlink List For Effective SEO.

1.Guest Posting

Guest posting is one of the top most used ways of getting Backlinks from authoritative websites that offers guest posting service , you can easily link your website to any top website via guest posting . When you guestpost there to include Your links in between your post and see how it work out.

2. Smart Commenting

Search engines like Google, Bing hates 'spam backlinks' . commenting should be done smartly leaving the publisher and Search engine bots and spiders interested in viewing your link.let me give you an illustration of spam and smart comment.

Examples of Spam Comment

» Nice Post . Commenting From www.abtech.com.ng

» Good Article . Check out my blog www.abtech.com.ng

» Get Quality Backlinks Here http://www.abtech.com.ng/p/backlinks-builder.html

These are all spammy comments , if the website publisher set his comments in moderation he can easily disapprove your comment as spam ..

Examples of Smart Comment

»I can't tell you how useful this post was , I was having some issues with my website www.abtech.com.ng lately but thanks to this post it has been fixed.

» I am definitely bookmarking this post , my blog isabi.com.ng has drastically improve in terms of page views and user engagement thanks to this awesome post of yours.

But with comments like this the publisher have no choice than to approve your comment

3. Post Sharing

One of the easiest ways to generate quality Backlinks,sharing your post to top social platforms and forums will not only help in establishing Backlinks but will also help get visitors from those social platform and forums.At the end of your post include your link and the source of the post.

4. Web Forums

Join website and blog forums associated to your niche will help get you some quality Backlinks and traffic.

Want to know how?

When someone ask for help on a particular issue you know very well and have created a post on it , share the link on the forum that thread was created and see how your link get established .

What You Must Know When Establishing Quality Backlinks For Effective SEO

• Quality Of Backlinks matters not Quantity of Backlinks.

• How You Get Your Backlinks Mathers.

• Website Authority of Your Backlinks Matters.

•Spam Backlinks Hurts Your SEO.

•It Better To Have 5 Backlinks From Quality And Authoritative Website Than 50 Backlinks From Website Yours Surpass.

Final words

Having done all this what is left of you is go for content hunt , if you can not write quality contents your self there are plenty of place you can get good blogpost for a little tokens . SEO can not be established overnight it takes time .

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Re: How To Build Quality Backlink Lists For Effective SEO

May 20 2017 at 06:00pm

Nicely done

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Re: How To Build Quality Backlink Lists For Effective SEO

May 20 2017 at 06:22pm

Nicely done


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Re: How To Build Quality Backlink Lists For Effective SEO

Sep 03 2017 at 05:59am


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