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Basic Google SEO Guide For Blogger In 3 Steps

Mar 12 2017 at 08:20pm

As An Amateur Blogger back then I had no idea what SEO is , how to do it and it importance . I later came across a post online about SEO , since I have been seeing the word SEO I decided to read the article , i was happy that I read the article and was at the same time angry at myself for not knowing what SEO is and how important it is to me as a blogger.To cut the long discovery short I decided to read more and more write-ups on SEO,I did my first basic SEO setup my self the outcome was mind blowing.Now back to our topic 'Basic Google SEO for Blogger' we are going to be doing basic rather fundamental Google SEO in just 3 steps.

*What Is SEO?
SEO Is The Acronym Of Search Engine Optimization.

*What Is The Use Of SEO?
Ever wonder why some site are shown on Google when one search for something? That is as a result of SEO.

*Is SEO Important To Me?
As A Blogger, SEO is important to both you and your blog.You get organic traffic from search engines which can enrich you and your blog.

*How Do I Do SEO For My Blog?
Well,This is our topics topic so let me hit the nail on the head.You can do basic SEO for your blog if you following this steps below.

3 Simple Steps To Basic Google SEO For Blogger.


You will need to submit your blog first to Google search console.To submit your blog to Google search console visit www.google.com/webmasters/tools/siteUrl=www.yoursitename.com (Replace www.yoursitename.com with your site url)It will display a message like "You are logged in as email@gmail.com ,but you are not verify to see www.yoursitename.com , if you are the owner of this site verify to gain access blah blah blah " Now A Button With 'Verify Now' will show beside click it and choose any method you want to use in verification.


This is the hard part , after clicking the 'verify now' button you will be presented with a .html file something like "googleJsjwiso937eiaiahsbddxsnwm.html" to upload on your blog for verification , just forget about it and click on "Alternate Method" Now Choose From the four (4) alternative
Domain Provider- You will be required to choose and sign in to your domain provider in other to verify the ownership of your blog.

HTML Tag - You will be asked to place a meta tag in the head tag of your blogger theme. A Meta tag like < meta name = " google - site - verification " value = " 393jsksjwkwks_iwns293282 " / > will be given to you to add right after < head > tag in your blogger theme.

Google Analytics - You will need to register a google analytic account , after that you get your Google Analytic ID Code and paste in within the head tag of your blogger theme .

Google Tag Manager - This is similar to google analytic but once you register you will be presented with two codes one will be paste within the head tag of you theme the other will be paste right after the opening body tag of your theme.

You are present with five (5) verification option ; HTML File upload,Domain Provider,HTML Tag,Google Analytic and Google Tag Manager.
I will recommended Google Analytic,HTML Tag And Google Tag Manager .

How To Verify Using HTML Tag

It is the easily and most used to verify using this method first click on the radio button before HTML tag , A dropdown with a code inside a text box will show copy the code , open a new tab go to your blogger dashboard - Theme - Click on Edit HTML Now Look for the head opening tag < head > and paste your code right after it then save. Go back to your Google Search Console And Click Verify. Now A Successful message window will show.you are done.

How to verify using google analytic

Visit analytic.google.com you may be tasked to sign in to your google account (gmail) , Sign in and proceed a signup page will pop up fill in your details with your domain address correctly and log on to your google analytic dashboard,Click on your google analytic ID in your menu bar it looks like this UA-E73XAJJ a drop down menu contain some lines of code with display on your screen copy the code , head back to your blogger dashboard - theme - Edit HTML add the code after < head > then save.Go back to your Google Search Console Tab , click on the radio button beside Google Analytic then Verify.

How To verify using google tag manager.

First visit tagmanager.google.com sign in to your gmail , proceed to google tag manager sign up page fill in your correct details , agree to all there terms and conditions click on sign up . After it has load your dashboard click on your Google Tag Manager ID it starts with GTM-XXXXX a dropdown contains two code box will pop up the first should be paste right after your < head > tag on your blogger theme the last should be paste right after the body opening tag < body > save and reopen your google search console tab click on google tag manager radio button then verify.

Google advice people to use two method which is google so you can choose any two but I will recommend you use HTML tag and Google Analytics...


A sitemap is like a map the contains all the links in a blog. Sitemap is the list of all links In a blog . You need to submit it ,so that google bots can crawl and index your links(contents) on google search database.
To submit your link to google search console visit www.google.com/webmasters/tools/sitemap-list?siteUrl=www.yoursitename.com
Or go to your google search console dashbaord ( www.google.com/webmasters/tools/dashboard click on "Crawl" Then Sitemaps.Now The sitemap page will open click on ADD/Test Sitemap A box will show put sitemap.xml inside the box and submit.Wait some few days(or hours) and see how your blog traffic will increase.

Some series of emails will be sent to you follow the instructions and do as you at told for maximum result.

This is the basic SEO each blog should have if yours is lacking behind no worries you can catch up using this ultimate guide. I am here for you any where you don't understand kindly comment below..

source http://www.abtech.com.ng/2017/03/basic-google-seo-for-blogger-in-3.html?m=1

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Re: Basic Google SEO Guide For Blogger In 3 Steps

Mar 12 2017 at 09:07pm

Nice one. Addition, the biggest truth about seo is time.

Keep doing the right thing and with time your ranking with rise. It's doesn't happen over 1 night.

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Re: Basic Google SEO Guide For Blogger In 3 Steps

Mar 12 2017 at 09:49pm

Nice one. Addition, the biggest truth about seo is time.

Keep doing the right thing and with time your ranking with rise. It's doesn't happen over 1 night.

thanks boss......

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Re: Basic Google SEO Guide For Blogger In 3 Steps

Mar 22 2017 at 10:49pm

Waow.. Nice info man

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Re: Basic Google SEO Guide For Blogger In 3 Steps

Mar 23 2017 at 08:05am

Waow.. Nice info man
thanks stay tuned

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