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Sports bettings has for long been a good way of making fast cash with less amount of risk; that is if you know the right pattern to follow. Major european leagues came to end some weeks ago therefore everybody is waiting for the commencement of the new season forgetting there is also something called preseason (club friendlies) matches. Currently there are so many preseason matches going on in preparation for the coming season, you can also place bets on preseason matches. I have earned alot from these preseason matches by staking highly and accumulating less games. Now the pattern is this; 90% of the preseason matches all play both teams score(i.e goals must come from both sides) and the least odd attached to these games is 1.50 and the highest odd is close to 2.20. For example you pick just two games of an odd of 1.50 the total odd will be 3.0 and you stake with 50,000 you will get 150,000 as your return on winning getting an extra of 100,000 as your profit. its as easy as that; all you need do is make sure you do not accumulate atleast more than three games if possible just two games and you will make alot before the season begins because when the season begins it will be much more difficult have both teams score but now all teams are playing for fun and testing new formations and tactics so there is not much seriousness attached to the game.
Now you can try this on any online betting company of your choice or you can sign up with surebet if you are a new user,
Here is the registration page for surebet, the registration process is easy all you need is to fill the necessary details

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