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Free YouTube subscribers

May 12 2020 at 03:03pm

good day guys I recently made a decision of starting a YouTube channel so I can Make Money from videos I upload.
But as we all know
The eligibility for monetization is
1. 1000 subscribers
2. 4000 watches
And we know how hard it is to get YouTube subscribers talk more of getting 4000 watches.
Now I created a Telegram channel yesterday 11th of May that currently has 1.7k subscribers already
And the channel is to help all of us youtubers to gain instant 1k subscribers and in the future find a way to give 4000 watches.
My telegram channel username is t.me/Endyriayoutube
How it works :
Depending on the speed on how members subscribe to YouTube channel.
A YouTube channel link will be dropped and once it is dropped.
All subscribers on the telegram channel would click on the link to subscribe to the YouTube channel.
The link will be monitored by me and once it gets 1k subscribers
The link will be deleted from the telegram channel
All subscribers on the telegram channel will submit there YouTube channel link to me on telegram @nobledavid
Your activeness on fastness on the telegram channel determines how fast I'll change the links on the telegram channel
The channel is a Gain for Gain
Let's gain YouTube subscribers

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