Terms, Rules, Privacy/Cookies Policies

Projectnaija.com (PN) is a 'User Generated Content' site, anyone can register an account for free. With a PN account anyone can post topics, comments and send private messages. Posts by any user of PN are in no way expressions of our opinion, believe or views but are strictly the views of the user.

On this document, the term community refers to the projectnaija.com and its users.

We reserve the right to add/remove/modify contents of this document at anytime

We reserve the right to take down contents that are considered illegal or do not comply with the rules of our community. We also reserve the right to delete/ban/suspend accounts that violate the rules of our community.

We collect data such as email address, username, location, date of birth and gender during registration., Sensitive data like your email address and password are kept safe and we will never share such data with any third-party without your authorization. We also collect cookies and we only use this to deliver a better user experience to our users.

Administrators and Moderators may modify or delete a post that is considered inappropriate. Some of the thing we consider inappropriate are listed below

  1. We are strictly against use of offensive words, bullying, tribalism, racism and promoting hatred for any group or individual.
  2. Abuse and curse on other users is strictly prohibited.
  3. We urge users to respect other people's views, believes and religion as this will promote peaceful coexistence in the community.
  4. Spamming of any kind is not allowed. Users are allowed to share only links that are relevant and are from sites that do not contain contents that are harmful to our community.
  5. Scamming, 419 'Yahoo Yahoo' or any form will get you permanent ban and we will not hesitate to facilitate investigation by providing useful information to local authorities.
  6. Pornographic contents are not allowed on the forum as these contents are considered inappropriate for the very young members of our community.

The ProjectNaija Team (21-11-2016)