How to Play Games on RHG Xbox 360 From USB Flash Drive

(Aug 01 2023 at 02:46am)

If you have an RGH Xbox 360 you can play your games from just about any USB drive.

All you need to do is to download the game in a format that has an xex file.

1. Insert the USB drive into the Xbox and format it from the stock settings app.

2. Insert the flash to a computer and copy the game files to drive. If your computer is unable to detect the drive after formating it on an Xbox, you'll need to pre-assign drive letter to your USB from windows disk manager.

3. To play the games, on your xbox 360, launch the xex file from the dashboard file manager or a similar app. For Aurora dashboard you can add the path to the game so it shows on your game list always.



Last edited 19 Dec 2023

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