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Words And Symbols Associated With Programming

Sep 05 2017 at 01:20pm

Welcome back, today is our third discussion on the series 'Programming 101' our topic of discussion today is "Words And Symbols Associated With Programming" . If you missed our two (2) previous discussion in this series you can read them here :

1.Programming 101 : Getting Started With Programming

2. Programmimg 101 : Some Programming Language And Their Applications

If you have been following this series from the beginning then dont bother going through those links above.


Every programming language has words and symbols that are unique and does particular functions , we are all use to this word and symbols on a normal basis but not from a programming point of view, Just like we discussed in our previous episode of this series , Different Programming language have different uses with different syntax[pattern or structure].

Here are the list of some words and symbols you are likely to come across as a programmer.

1. Variable - A variable is like a storage used in storing data . Data stored in a variable can be in form of Text(String) , Numbers (Integer, Float, Double) , Or NULL..

Some Variables Example

$variable_name = "This is a php string variable";

$number = 1000;

Module variablesNdataypes

Sub Main()
Dim a As Short
Dim b As Integer
Dim c As Double

a = 10

b = 20

c = a + b

Console.WriteLine("a = {0}, b = {1}, c = {2}", a, b, c)


End Sub

End Module

public class Test{
public void pupAge(){
int age = 0;
age = age + 7;
System.out.println("Puppy age is : " + age);

public static void main(String args[]){
Test test = new Test();

There are rules to naming variables which we will discuss in our next class..

2. Comments - Comments is a word or group of words that are written inside a program (code) but are not visible to the user, they are not meant to be visible in the first place. Comments can also be used in HTML, CSS and JavaScript..

Comments Examples

#This is a comment
#This is another comment.


/*This is a comment in java*/


/* This is a comment in C++ */

Yes most languages (Both programming and None Programming) Use this comment format

/* Your Comments */

3. Print - The word 'print' is use to display the output of a program .

Print is commonly used in php and python

print "Hello , PHP!";


print "Hello, Python!";

PHP and python have lots of similarities and few difference

4. Echo - Echo does thesame function as print.

5. Hello World - Hello World, is a normal word that is preferred the most by programmer to other world when it comes to writing / running a test code. Hello world is commonly used to write a default language syntax.

Hello World Examples

#import #import
int main(void)
NSLog(@"Hello, world!
return 0;

println("Hello, world!")

using System;
class Program
public static void Main(string[] args)
Console.WriteLine("Hello, world!");

6. Syntax - A syntax is a pattern or structure of arranging codes.All programming languages have different syntax.

Syntax Examples

<?php ?>

7. Boolean - Boolean Is a data type that can either be 'TRUE' or 'FALSE'

8. File Extension - just like photos with default extension of .jpg , .png , .gif, each programming language also have a default extension attributed to it.

Examples Of File Extension



9. Database - This is a storage (Server) I where users details are saved.


All Programming languages have symbols in their syntax which perform certain functions , what we use in our daily arithmetic is what is in use in programming .

Some Signs And Their Functions.

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