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Google Developer Group (GDG) Makurdi

Feb 11 2018 at 06:16am

Hello there! GDGs are groups for developers and tech enthusiasts to come together and learn about Google's products for developers. E.g of such products: Android, Google cloud, firebase, iot and lots more. One can build awesome stuffs using these technology from Google. And a GDG is one fun place to learn this for free.

There are over 500 GDG across the globe. From USA to India to Australia to African countries like South Africa, Nigeria, Kenya and so on. In Nigeria we can find GDGs across every region. And they are making software development social and fun.

In 2015, I attempted apply for a GDG in Makurdi, Benue State. Later, I co-founded a local group that help tech people in Makurdi. Fast forward 2018 our application for GDG Makurdi is approved.
GDG Makurdi is open to anyone building tech or interested in tech. Experts can teach/mentor the newbies. Newbies will find the community friendly and full of the best minds to help them on their journey. Our moto for now is "Everyone is invited". At GDG Makurdi we are all equal, we do not seek to make profit so all meetups and seminars will be free.

One last one, we are the only GDG in Benue state for now. We will be taking some of our activities to Otukpo, Gboko and K'ala to help the tech community there. When they are matured enough they can decide to create their own groups.

If you are a developer or tech enthusiast in Benue swiftly join GDG Makurdi via: http://meetup.com/GDG-Makurdi

Feel free to comment your questions and concerns. Thanks for reading.

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