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Top Android Apps You Need To Have

Nov 01 2016 at 07:07pm

1.Musixmatch - this music app have the lyrics to every song you know
2.Alto's Adventure- amazing graphics and very addictive
3.Colorfy - Relive your childhood delight of painting coloring books with this app
4.Fast Like A Fox
5.Prisma - awesome effects
6.Artisto - best alternative to prisma
7.Zedge - different categories of wallpapers you'll find in this app
8.Aviary - Best photo editing app I recommend you try my favorite effect splash.
9.Dashlane - This app helps you save your passwords so you won't ever forget it's very safe I tell you
10.Gravity - For those of you who likes to personalize your phone to the core this is the perfect app but your phone needs to be rooted and also have xposedinstaller on your phone for it to work

Last edited 01 Nov 2016

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