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Tip On Waking Up Early , Do's And Don'ts In An Interview

Jan 12 2017 at 06:50pm

How to wake up early for an interview..

I have a very important interview tomorrow early in the morning , what should I do to wake up early ?
1. This trick should work for people that don't bedwet . Drink at least 2 glass or sachet water before sleeping. This way you will wake up very early to urinate.
2. Use a small tecno,itel or any small China phone to set an alarm this way the loud speaker of the phone will wake you up from bed.

3. Don't eat too much snacks (milk,chocolate),before sleeping sugary things make someone sleep longer .

4. This is the most used method of waking up early , Sleep early and wake up early.

5. Don't eat heavy food before sleeping. food like Pounded yam,EBA. Pasta,noodles,rice etc should be taken in other to wake up early.

What you should do and what not to do when you go for an interview.

What you should not do..

* Late going is not an optional you either go an Hour to the interview or some minutes to interview .

* Don't Eat or Drink any thing until the end of the interview.

* Dont panicking,be confident,smart and responsive .

* Don't put your hands on the table or desk put it on you laps.

* Don't use Vocabularies , figure of speech or proverbs when talking or answering the interviewers

* Don't Put on Distractive shirt with demonic symbols/writetops.

What You Should Do.

* When Opening the Door Use your right hand then enter don't turn your back to close the door rather put your left hand on the back then close the door.(Don't kick the door with your leg)

* After Greeting wait until you are ask to sit down

* They interviewer's should only see you back when you are going out.

* Speak only when you are ask a question or when the ground is open for you to.

* Put on your Best of Clothes and make sure it is Iron.

* drink what is provided(tea,water,juice), When all the interviewer's have drank there's (preferably dont drink or eat any thing provided by interviewers,firm or company you are applying for.)

* Make sure you greet they interviewers before and after the interview if you don't know the time just greet them " Good Day"

* Greet the interviewer's in a respective manner even if they are younger than you

source. -; www.africanpoint.tk

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