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Some useful opera mini commands you need to know.

Nov 13 2014 at 01:55am

Opera mini is one of the most used browser on mobile and also most all mobile user's favourite browser; including me. Today i have decided to post some useful tips which might be useful at a point in time.

These tips are special commands that you

enter in the address bar like a URL but without the

"http://". Many of them return information that will only be of a developer's interest(opera developers). But its very necessary to get some of them handy because they could become useful at anytime.

Below are some of the commands:

config: - which opens Opera Mini's Power User Settings page where you can tweak
many browser settings like the timeout and
whether the browser should make phone
numbers clickable. Just type ''config:'' without quotation in the url bar.

server:source - will display the source code of the current

opera:cache - displays the size and URL of cached pages and images

about: - displays information about the Opera Mini server

debug: - Displays a page listing many Opera mini server and client properties. The "Host:" field tells
you which Opera Mini server you are currently
connected to.

feed:list - Goes to the Feeds page

opera:about - Displays copyright and license information for third party software used in the

server:reset - clears all

server:refresh - refreshes the current page

Last edited 13 Nov 2014

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