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Airtel Night Browsing 2020 tips

Jul 06 2020 at 06:58pm

Hey there,
Today I'll be sharing with you the new method to subscribe and get the most out of the Airtel night sub, which is currently one of the best data plans out there for heavy downloaders. If you have a very large file to download and you can stay up late at night, then this is a good plan for you. In this post, the method I'll be discussing can give you up to 2.5 GB on one Airtel SIM card per night for just 250 naira.

1. How to subscribe
To subscribe to the airtel night sub simply recharge your line with at least 25 naira airtime and then Dial *312#.
Select option 3 to subscribe to the night plan. I recently noticed that the night plan works even for newly registered SIM cards without having to migrate to SmartTrybe. However in case you try it and it doesn't work then just migrate by Dialing *312# again and this time choose option 1 to migrate.

2. Data Value
Originally this plan gives you 250 MB for just 25 naira and its accessible between 12 AM and 5AM. But you can still renew the sub up to 5 times per night, giving a total of 1.25 GB for 125 naira. This is the most you can get normally for a single night.

3. Getting More Data in One Night
So here's the interesting part, if you need more than 1.25 GB on a particular night probably for downloading some important files, there's a way to double that data and get 2.5 GB for 250 naira.
It is based on time and could be a little bit tricky to understand at first so pay close attention now.

Step one: Try to do this on a day that you haven't bought any night sub before. For example, in 24 hours you didn't buy any night sub at all as this will reduce the amount you will be able to accumulate the following night. Now you can proceed to recharging your line with up to 125 naira at any point during the day before 11: 50 PM(do it earlier so as to avoid running out of time) and then Dial *312# and choose option 3 to get your night sub as usual, and keep repeating the process up to 5 times till your 125 naira is exhausted.

Step two: Now wait until at least 12 AM and repeat the same process again; recharge 125 naira and subscribe to the night sub 5 times. Your data will be accumulated if you followed the steps correctly. Now you can proceed to downloading your files and browsing until 5 AM.

**NOTE** Please ensure that you finish the 2.5 GB before 5 AM otherwise you will loose at least half of the data (1.25GB) the following night.
I would advise that you try this out on a SIM with no data subscription in case you have any doubts at first.
I have used this once myself so I can guarantee that it works at the time of posting this.

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Re: Airtel Night Browsing 2020 tips

Jul 21 2020 at 04:17am

This is really nice. Heard about the new night offering from MTN? Thinking about sharing it here.

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Re: Airtel Night Browsing 2020 tips

Jul 24 2020 at 04:14am

This is really nice. Heard about the new night offering from MTN? Thinking about sharing it here.

Thanks. I won't know much about MTN night subs for now because I don't have an MTN SIM card at the moment but sharing that would be really nice.

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