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Some Useful Keyboard Shortcuts in Windows PC.

Sep 13 2017 at 01:40pm

Shortcut in Windows means an easier and shorter/simple way of doing things in Computers and Devices powered by Windows Operating System using keyboard. Most software in Windows comes with it specialized Shortcuts but we will be updating some important universally used shortcuts in Windows PC.
In each shortcut posted, we will explain what it does, feel free to post yours post do not repeat the ones that have been posted already. Please before I start posting it, be reminded that the Plus sign (+) does not mean you should add it from the keyboard but rather a combination of two or more keys. Eg if we say Ctrl + A it means Ctrl and A combined.
Below are some of the keyboard shortcuts and what they do.

* Ctrl + A - highlight all the content of the page.
* Ctrl + C - copies all the highlighted contents of the page.
* Ctrl + X - cuts all the highlighted contents of the page.
* Ctrl + V - Pastes the copied content to the page you cursor is blinking on.
* Ctrl + S - saves the work in progress.
* Ctrl + Z - undo your previous action, eg. If you mistakenly delete what you are typing using ctrl + Z will undo the deletion
* Ctrl + U - shows the page source ( useful to webmasters and programmers).
* Ctrl + F - brings you a form to search a certain keyword(s) inside the page content, useful for quick searching.

Feel free to add yours.

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