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Selecting app to open WhatsApp or WhatsApp Business links with

Feb 07 2020 at 05:33pm

Earlier today I was sent a link to join a WhatsApp group. I had both the regular WhatsApp and WhatsApp Business installed on my device. Clicking on the link opens WhatsApp business straight and I have no intention to use WhatsApp business account to join the group.

In this post I will be sharing how I got pass this weird situation and was able to join the group via regular WhatsApp.

Step 1
I copied the group invite link from the mail that was sent to me.

Step 2
Open any browser on your phone (in my case I used Samsung Internet Browser). Paste the link into the address bar and hit send/enter.

Step 3
The link should load Whatsapp official website with a green button that reads "Join Chat", tap on the button and you should get an "Open with" dialog. Select the kind of WhatsApp you want to use and you are there.

Pretty straight forward. Hopefully this should work for you too if you experience the same bug. Happy chatting.

Last edited 07 Feb 2020

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