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Rebuilding Otukpo community library

Mar 11 2019 at 05:31pm

Otukpo would be the capital of Apa state should Nigeria decide to increase the total number of states from 36+ FCT. You might argue that Apa state isn't the number 1 contender for the 37th state of Nigeria. Anyway Otukpo is still a town in Benue state. It is the commercial capital of the Idoma ethnic group.

Some time last year I notice some renovation work being carried out on the Otukpo town library. The library is located opposite Saint Mary's Catholic Church. When I was younger I have used the library for a couple of days while preparing for the all famous JAMB Exam.

Back then the library didn't look so good. Only thing I admired about the place back then was how seriously and professionally the few staffs the library have take their job. They arrange the few very old looking books available on the old school shelves and dust the tables and chairs clean everyday.

When I saw that the library was getting some maintenance, I was excited. I also noticed a banner placed on the wall that invites the public to make donations for the renovation work, this made to understand that this is not the government fixing the place but individuals working to improve things.

One day I typed "Otukpo" on the search box of gofundme.com and found a donation page (https://www.gofundme.com/otukpo-library-project for the renovation of the library. There was a YouTube video on the donation page, I watched and I was moved to make my first donation on gofundme platform.

Today (11th March, 2019) I walked near the library and decided to step inside and see how far the renovation is going. I was pretty impressed I must say, and that's why I am making this post. Below are some photos I took from the renovation worksite.




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