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Nigerians React As DPO Tortures One To Death In Bauchi For stealing

Aug 17 2020 at 12:14pm

Anger, curses and diverse forms of negative, sympathetic reactions has been brewing out of Nigerians as new hit the internet on how a senior police officer (confirmed to be the DPO) brutally tortured two indigenes of the state, for stealing seven chickens and reselling them to another buyer. According to the information gathered, it was the buyer who eventually contacted the police.
As a result of the severity of the torture, on of the men died while the other is currently being attended to in an hospital

[p]A recap of details given by the surviving victim:[/p]

The victims were arrested for allegedly stealing seven chickens. The man they sold them to was summoned and ordered to pay N2,000 each for thirteen, instead of seven chickens, and he did. The suspects were ordered by the DPO to pay N4,000 and their parents paid a total of N12,000.

The DPO told our parents to go; that he’d release the suspects later. He then ordered his officers to tie the suspects up. He told the suspects to be chanting “stealing has ended” in Hausa & started beating them with a big stuff in their legs heads, chests, all over their bodies.

The first suspect died instantly. The second died for head and neck injuries in a hospital. The third is currently home nursing five fractures including two on the knees of each leg. The second suspect’s mother related to BBC Hausa how her son died tragically in the hospital.

The Bauchi State Police Command said it’s set up a committee to investigate the matter but the DPO was not suspended, much less, arrested. When pressed by BBC, the police spokesman said “You can’t arrest a senior policeman!”.

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