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Mabwe: Connect with your roots- Connect with Africa!!!

Apr 02 2019 at 09:02am

How would you like a platform that allows you to connect with great minds across the African continent and with Africans in the diaspora?
Wouldn’t you like to embrace your roots, to share experiences with people who can understand you because they have been where you are and know what it feels like to be you?

Introducing connect with Mabwe.com, connect with Africa.
Are you looking to connect with Africa, her daughters and sons and beyond? Connect is the right place for you.
Mabwe.com is a novel social media platform designed for African Youths, by Africans and proudly African.
Connect is a category on Mabwe that allows you to interact with other African Youths on social issues, personal issues, life issues and trending issues.

On connect Mabwe you get to chat with a community of People from across the African continent and in the diaspora. On Mabwe connect you can air your views and share your thoughts in your naturalperspective; share the stories no one else understands except the ones who have been there- You and I.

At Mabwe connect you can fully embrace the African love for collaboration and networking and make strong connections with people who share your ideals, aspirations and who can see things from your unique perspective- the African perspective.
At Mabwe.com we value our rich African heritage and we help you showcase these values on a strong platform where your voice can be heard by people who understand.
Within the Mabwe platform is a \"MY54\" video category where you can post54-second clips about anything and post your status updates We want to see your beautiful videos and stunning Photos, connect lets you be yourself, be African, be real!

To connect and start interacting with a community of fellow Africans, simply go to the website on www.mabwe.com . Sign up, enter your personal details and choose the Connect category.
You can also download the app, it’s free and easy to install.

IOS: https://itunes.apple.com/in/app/mabwe/id1442820158?mt=8
Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.mabwe
In the words of a Great African leader-Africa belongs to all who live in it and our Africaness is not defined by our color, our gory past or our race.
Today, it feels good to be an African and Mabwe helps me connect with Africa.

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