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how to make money from affiliate programs example jumia

Mar 30 2018 at 01:44am

here i will be showing you how to register as a marketer and use your personal link in your website/blog/facebook page
first of all i will start with jumia visit http://affiliate.jumia.com on the address bar of your browser or just search it
step 2:register for an account and provide every details necessary
step 3:jumia will give you an easy user navigation and good accesibility
step 4:click on links and banners to generate your own specific link which you will insert in your website/blog/page
step 5:when an internet user clicks on your link to purchase an item you receive not more than 10% commission on purchases

i am a proud affiliate marketer for jumia
here is my own generated link below

to know of more ways to promote your marketing and earn higher commission visit my facebook page https://www.facebook.com/advertconnection and send me a message i will reply instantly from my facebook page you will see how i used my link from different online companies to attach it to my facebook page. for discussions with the professionals on how to undergo a successful marketing visit https://www.facebook.com/groups/154435548539109

NOTE:i my intentions is not to advertise jumia alone they are other affiliate agencies like ebay aliexpress etc. even selling of books online.

NOTE:keep reviewing this page frequently i will soon post the unique manual of affiliate marketing for download thank you.

Last edited 31 Mar 2018

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