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How to activate windows7(II)

Oct 30 2014 at 11:41am

Hello Friends, we all know that the Windows Operating System is one of the most popular Computer OS and the most used in this part of the world. I trace this down to its user friendliness and its simple GUI.
While using and enjoying your windows OS, many problems might come up; today i want to provide a solution to one of such problems. The solution topic is 'HOW TO ACTIVATE YOUR WINDOWS7'.

Have you been using windows os and all of a sudden you got a message that your window is not geniue? And as a result of this you can no longer use many window features, you not even set images as desktop background. Well, this it: download the file attached to this post, unzip the file using any zip utility. I suggest winRar. winRarX86 or winRarX64. After extracting, click on the executable file you extracted. The file is called 'window7 wat Remover' Run the file as administrator. When its opened click on 'Remove Wat' and wait for some minutes. When wat is removed successfully, you will be prompted to restart your computer and thats all. Yeaa.. Your computer is now activated. Dont forget to hit share, your friends might be looking for something like this.

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