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Cool trick to extend Airtel Night data limit

Mar 11 2017 at 02:18pm

Hey guys, Good afternoon and happy weekend. I've noticed recently that the Airtel night plan works beyond 500 MB for ₦25 on certain apps. To be specific for now I tested it last night on the Amigo music player. I used it to download and stream songs upto 750mb+.
All you have to do is, firstly make sure u don't have any other active subscription. Then wait until you've used at least 450 mb on other apps. Once you start using it on Amigo player make sure you don't open any other app that may use up ur data, when you've crossed the 500mb limit. Do not turn off your data once you've started using the music player.
This loop hole could eventually lead to an even better tweak one day.
Try it if it works for you comment and share with friends as I have done.

Last edited 11 Mar 2017

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