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BBNaija Show Is A Pure Interpretation Of Life

Apr 10 2017 at 09:36pm

big brother naija is not only a reality show but also a show that reflex's human existences.

My Main Characters

Payporte(And Other Proud Sponsors) - Represents "god"

Ebuka (Big Brother) - Represents 'jesus'

Housemates - Represents 'Human beings'


Scene 1 - The Creation

Ok , In The Beginning Payporte And Other Proud Sponsors come up with a reality show call 'Big Brother Naija',They Screened and Finally Came Up With 14 Housemates to live inside the house they build and provide them with everything they could possibility want (That's exactly what God Did To Us he created us in his image and likeness , and bring us into the world he created).

Scene 2 - The Creator's Son

Ebuka is the proud host of Big Brother Naija 2017 , He is employed by the sponsors of the show so he is like a son to them , he carry out instructions giving to him by his employers , He Speaks on behave of his employer , Housemates pass across message through his to the sponsors , he is like a channel connecting the housemates and the sponsors . (Jesus is the son of God and All what i wrote above are what Jesus is did for us . )

Scene 3 - The Housemates

14 different people from different tribe, skin colour,age,gender etc In 1 Big House . Does That ring any bell ?? Ooohh yeah it does - Over 6,000,000,000 people of different Tribe,Beliefs,skin colour, age,gender etc in 1 Big World.

Scene 4 - The Housemates Part 2

14 housemates , 12 weeks to live in a house , 9 gone before they expected time..WHY ? let me list some few housemates and why or how they go..?

i. Lying is a sin , all liars are sons and daughters of the devil , They Truth can not be bend neither can it be hidden for ever - Gifty (Very great liar)

ii. if you don't know why you are born then you certainly have no reason to be alive - Miyonse (LoverBoy)

iii. Some people have to go so that others can come , you are destined to go - Soma (Gone Too Soon)

iv. Hmmm,Konji na bastard ... Don't lust after things that will destroy you - Kemen ( Lust & Greed)

v . I don't know if all light skin BBNaija housemates of 2017 are liars but you fit lie for Africa - TTT (Lying)

vi. Life is unfair there is no reason why you of all people should go take heart man - Bally ( Unfair , )

Like I said I will not evaluate all housemates...

Scene 5 - The Day Of Reckoning (Judgement Day)

The D-Day is here the great white witch of Romania is still In the house , she is protected by the high witches council of 'LUCK'.Our MultiTalented Confirm Housemate is still in the house . Adaobi who doesn't know which gender to represent is still flexing life with our one and only warri guy who is original more than ORIGIN it self and who can that be ? It is no one else but the proud daughter of the most powerful pastor whose prayers have kept her this far . every one is in anticipation mode , the first person to be raptured was our dear Marvis , Not long after that our Guitarist Now march into glory with her guitar thanks to her dads prayer , Our Great white witch follow next but the two remaining housemates are already jubilating but only there can be one winner only and who can that be "EFE" Based on logistics EFE was crowned with a very big mansion in heaven our runner up was also not left out .. ( That is how all of us will be voted to our two possible destiny by God on the judgement day )..

Scene 6 - Efe In Heaven
If you ask efe why he win , he will say it is because he behave normal ,, he act his self and will always do so , don't be artificial just be nature be yourself and also love who you are .
Based on Logistics Efe is in his heaven right now;D ;D(^-^)
#Copyright ©2017 written by Abijah J.B Please don't copy....first published on www.isabi.com.ng




Re: BBNaija Show Is A Pure Interpretation Of Life

Apr 20 2017 at 12:39pm

Wow! Nice write-up
.... Also check out my blog Uzomedia for celebrities biographies

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