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7 Ways To Protect Your Smartphone Browser From Hackers

May 22 2017 at 09:10am

The whole world is already going crazy over the WannaCry ransomware.
“WannaCry “.. seriously who named this thing? These guys need to find more hilarious names
The Wannacry Ransomware Attack affected about 230,000 Windows PCs and requested that users pay to a bitcoin address to unlock their computers.
The ransomware is just one out of a million ways that hackers can gain access to your information. A hacker can create malicious web pages that will installtrojansand spyware that will steal information from your device . A malicious attachment can also sent via email to victims.
In cases like this, opening the email can install malicious software and compromise the total security of your system or device.
Here are a few attacks that can affect your browser – Active X exploit, Java applets attack, Scripting attack / Session Hijacking / XSS, Buffer Overflow, etc.
Here are 7 ways to protect your browser while surfing the web
1. Always set your browser to automatically delete cookies anytime you close your web browser or you can manually do it.
2. Don’t use multiple tabs when making online transactions.
3. Disable Pop-ups totally
4. Never Choose the Remember Password option in your Browser.
5. Always update your Browser frequently.
6. Don’t click or hover the mouse on unknown links.
7. Don’t login on any website that is not encrypted with an SSL certificate.
Always login on HTTPS rather than HTTP pages.


Last edited 22 May 2017

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