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7 Powerful Tips On How To Save More Money In 2017

Mar 29 2017 at 08:19pm

The idea of saving have come along way in human existing , back in the days people save their valuables (Money) in cooperative banks there they get extra interest on there initial deposits . Lending money back then is a business of it own , people lend as much money as possible to others in need and get some addition value on return.The habit of saving is not in the gene or trait that can be inherited one needs to cultivate and practice how to save . I want to show you show things you need to get rid of in other to save more in 2017.


1. Transport Means
You spend at least 20% of your salary or wages on transport if you a working and don't have a ride.You need to cut it down to 7% in other to save a meaningful amount of money in 2017.

How To Reduce Money Spend On Transport.

•Never stop a taxi when going to work only on special occasions like running late for work , Job Interview , having an exams etc. Taxi Drivers charge more if not double the price a bus driver will charge . Using Commercial Bus as your transport can cut down the fare you spend on transport by at least 6%.

•Train - Train should be your main means of transport , Train is the cheapest and safest means of transport if I am correct the main disadvantage of using a train as your means of transportation is speed . But , if you really want to save money you will wake up as early as possible to catch up with the first train of the day . Train transport can cut your transport fare by 10%.

•Beg For Ride - Drop your pride if you want to save more and spend less.Don't be shy or afraid to ask for a ride if you want to beg for a ride , practice your approach and see how it will work out for you. If you see somehow moving towards where you are going why not stop him/her in a decent manner , Greetings should be made first before asking for a ride . they person may even be happy to take you to your destination .

•Buy Your Ride - You can not afford a car no problem , get a motorcycle and a helmet for your self after all they are not meant to be driven by robots . If You still can't afford a motorcycle I advice you go for a healthy ride 'Bicycle' there is nothing wrong with riding a bicycle to work , you are not doing it for any one so I see one reason to be ashamed of that and come to think of it the bicycle you are riding is also an exercise and there is nothing that is more healthier than morning exercise.

2. Eat Less At Work
I don't think it is a good idea for you to eat heavy and expensive food at work , don't drain your pocket on meal a chill bottle of coca cola and a meatpie,eggroll or fishroll is ok for a salary collecting worker who wants to save big .

3. Know Your Needs Not Your Wants.
Need is a necessity it is just like salt , a food without salt is tasteless so is your needs . Wants Are just mere desire you can do with or without them a food without meat can satisfy ones hunger. So , differentiating the two with will help you know and spend on what you thinks is neccessary.

4. Have A Limit
Set a limit for your self , have your own rules, try not to exit your limit . you can decide on how much you will be spending daily and how much you will save weekly or monthly depending on how you get paid.

5. Set Goals
Goal setting is key to saving , what do you want to have in two months time is a goal . If you what to change your wardrobe in two months time , grab a seat , get a pen and paper write down how much you need and how much you must to save , be determine on achieving that goals and things will definitely work out.

6. Don't Party Hard
If you are invited to a high class party , I advice you not to go . temptations to buy things and spend hard will definitely surface , partying is a want not a need so choose and act wisely . you can hangout but keep it cool go to low class bars not bars that can wipe your savings in seconds.

7.Go For Products Substitute
You must learn to deny your self some pleasure in other to save reasonable amount of money.If you must eat meat let it be on Sundays and special occasions fish can be substituted for meat so you can even get more protein from fish than meat.

Final words

I want to save should not be an excuse for been selfish , is blesseth to give them to receive . Keeping debts when saving is a very bad idea you should get rid of all debts even of it means emptying your accounts before you think of saving.

I strongly believe that at the end of this year your savings will be twice if not more than last year own.

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