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10 Best SEO Companies in Nigeria

May 24 2017 at 12:39am

You’re probably looking for the right SEO firm that will give your brand the much needed online visibility, particularly by making your website rank on Google’s first page.
These days every SEO firm claims to be able to this, but the truth is not all SEO firms are honest and not all of them deliver excellent work.
The goal of ranking on Google’s first page is to increase your website traffic and conversion; however there are over 200 factors that determine your website’s ranking. This is why you need to consider a lot of things when choosing the SEO agency to work with.

1. VTNS Solutions
VTNSclaims to be the best SEO agency in Nigeria, they even promise their prospective clients the first position on Google’s first page. Although, we are a bit skeptical about their ability to achieve that, we still think that if their home page can have the highest ranking for keywords relating to “top/best SEO firms in Nigeria,” then they are certainly worth their salt.

2. Outrank Them
Outrank themis another top SEO firm in Nigeria. It is often said that it is best your SEO team is involved when building your website and it is obvious that Outrank them understands this concept. This is why we think they’ve included web design as part of their service.

3. Crank Digital
Crank Digitalis focused not only on SEO but other aspects of digital marketing namely content marketing and social media marketing.
Also, they are involved in web design which makes them a great option for any individual or corporate organization that is at the initial phase of online brand building and visibility.

4. Skill Patron
Skill Patronoffers a free SEO scoring tool for keywords that enables you to evaluate keywords that your website is trying to rank for. However, their system seems to have a glitch when we tried using this tool.
Their monthly report helps to inform you on how well your brand is doing in terms of website traffic and conversion rates. They also offer site audit and competitor analysis report which can help to further inform your digital strategy.

5. DPTrax
One of the major selling points of this top SEO agency is their free web page audit and free SEO consultation to potential clients.
Dptraxprovides a comprehensive range digital marketing service which includes email marketing, content marketing, social media marketing and their unique SEO service
They also include web design with this range of services and they seem to be a full-scale digital agency.

6. CK Digital
CK Digitalis another top SEO service provider in Nigeria. Apart from their comprehensive range of digital marketing service offerings, CK Digital specifically offers SEO service for e-commerce websites.

7. SEO Nigeria
This is a top SEO company that includes web design and other digital marketing services alongside SEO in their service portfolio. SEO Nigeriaalso gives monthly report on SEO which enables you to keep track of your marketing efforts and evaluate your returns on investment (ROI).

8. Webclick
Webclickis a web design and online marketing agency that offers SEO service as part of its service portfolio.
They also offer business development services like corporate branding, however based on clients’ feedback; they seem more popular for their web designs.
9. Bluegeek
Bluegeek is full service digital agency that focuses on small and medium sized businesses. This company’s is a premier SEO solutions company with no limit to the size of the company they work with.

10. CFA Nigeria
CFA Nigeriais a popular SEO firm which is owned by Chukwuemeka Fred Agbata otherwise called CFA. This agency is a top SEO company with a proven track record in offering SEO services. The company blog provides well-researched and proven advice on SEO and digital marketing strategies.

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