Users can now delete WhatsApp messages

(Oct 27 2017 at 01:08pm)


Earlier this month, WhatsApp added a live location tracking feature which allows users to share their real-time location with their friends. The company is now rolling out another long-requested feature: the ability to delete sent messages. To access the feature, simply hold and tap on the message you want to delete, and it will give you multiple options, including "delete for me" and "delete for everyone".

As the name suggests, "delete for me" just removes the message from the chat and was already available for users. "Delete for everyone" removes it from the recipient's device as well, but there are some restrictions. Firstly, "delete for everyone" works for up to seven minutes after sending the message; after seven minutes, the option will be removed. Additionally, you will not be notified if the action was successful so there's no guarantee that the message wasn't read by the recipient.

The company is rolling out the feature for all WhatsApp users, just make sure you're using the latest version of the app.


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