Some Common English Mistakes And Their Corrections

(Jun 18 2017 at 05:50pm)

As we all know English is not our language. We may at some point felt for these and maybe some even now.

1) Disvirgin (Deflower)
2) Pepperish (Peppery)
3) Packer (Dust pan)
4) Trafficate. (Take a turn)
5) Plate number (Number Plate)
6) Cunny (Cunning)
7) Water system (Water Cistern)
cool Installmentally (Installments)
9) Opportuned (Opportune)
10) Go-Slow (Congested traffic)
11) Next tomorrow (a day after tomorrow)
12) Garri turner (Spatula)
13) One of my friend (One of my friends)
14) Bending corner (Bend or corner)
15) Extreme end (Extreme or end)
16) Running stomach (Runny stomach)
17) Running nose (Runny nose)
18) Suckawell (Soak away)
19) Advices (Pieces of advice)
20 Furnitures (Pieces of furniture)

Please contribute yours!!!
Nobody is above mistakes and corrections!

Let's learn together!


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Re- Some Common English Mistakes And Their Corrections

(Feb 01 2019 at 10:03am)

Thank you for your contribution and I like to add that only studying English with a tutor helped me to get rid of stupid mistakes. There is a very cool Nigerian tutor on https://upskillstutor.com.ng/tutors/english/, I recommend them to everyone who wants to improve their English and evade mistakes.

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Re- Some Common English Mistakes And Their Corrections

(Mar 28 2020 at 07:48pm)

Thanks a lot for this

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