Please don't ignore! I Found A Verse For All The Men, Boys, Women and Girls.

(Nov 23 2018 at 09:06pm)

the Bible is there to instruct us and to lead us to eternal life, so if u love yourself you will obey the Bible, the Bible is the world of God and the word of God is Jesus, so you must obey Jesus to have eternal life. "the word of God is a light unto my soul and a lamp unto my feet"

I found a verse while reading the bible.

Leviticus 19:27 KJV

"Ye shall not round the corners of your heads, neither shalt thou mar the corners of thy beard."

I was surprised at the verse at first.

I told a man who claims to be a pastor about these verse, I have seen this man barbing punk because he says he wants to look good and handsome since he is a young man. This man started explaining nonsense to me when the bible was already clear about his hairstyle. and it is that same nonsense he is going to preach to his members. That is why today, many churches has members with these hairstyles but the bible has already condemned it.

Leviticus 19:17 said that we should not round (cut) the corners of our heard or mar (calving and so on) the corners of our beard.

But today almost all the boys and men in the world are barbing these hairstyles.

I remember one of my brothers came home and told me that, his class boy said that these hairstyles are the names of demons. Hmmm....it could be true. Just imagine that these hairstyles punk, galaxy, round cut etc are actually the names of demons! and men, boys, girls and women barb them.

you know, actually, I see boys and men that barb normal (low cut or the other) hairstyles as responsible. Even elderly men barb these hairstyles.

please, don't barb these hairstyles, they wouldn't take you to heaven they would only lead you to destruction. if you refuse and you still go on and barb these hairstyles, punk, galaxy, round cut etc, then that verse could stand against you on that day, so be warned. I didn't judge those hairstyles but the bible condemned it.

the bible is there for you, there are many things in the bible which you never knew and which your pastor would never tell you. So try to always read your bible at least two chapters in a day, when you read the bible, God would be happy because you are reading His word. But if you have any objections about that verse you are free to comment below.


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