Infinix SmartTV Price, Picture and Where to Buy

(Jul 22 2020 at 10:55am)

Infinix has launched a line of Smart TVs and in this post, I will be sharing photos of the TV, how much it cost and where you can order one today.

The 43" edition costs around ₦90,000 and you can buy it online from Konga by clicking here

A larger 55" edition is also available and costs ₦151,000 Naira only.

Here is a photo of the actual TV in action and another photo showing the remote.
TV Set


Are you excited about this Inifinix Smart TV? Are you thinking about buying, maybe as your first SmartTV? Let's hear what you think.

You can buy Infinix SmartTV online at Konga

Photo credits to This guy


Last edited 22 Jul 2020

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