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Aug 17 2019 at 09:24pm


I am PaulPipar.

I believe you have favourite book(s) from among the numerous books which you must have read prior.

I, also believe, that there are books which you have read and which reconfigured your viewing perspective on ideas or better still which have strengthen your belief on a particular phenomenon.

Thanks to the authors, right? But I shall tender more "thank yous" to "writing" as an art.

In our contemporary world, writing has become and remains a strong tool used for communicating. Its numerous advantages can never be listed.

I have had the somewhat privilege of living on this earth for several years, and through these years, I have written quiet a large number of articles. So I really know "how and what" writing feels like. The challenges, especially!

What I am about to discuss in this article was recently, though old, revealed to me.

It is no doubt that most persons find it hard writing, however, what I am about to delineate below will go a mile in helping you defeat the daunting spirit that prevents most persons from writing.

Many a times, persons plan on writing on a certain topic but end up not writing on it, even when they have commenced the writing process. Some, a times, even when the topic is something that they are passionate about.

Well, you are not alone. I have, some and many times been a victim of such unfortunate occurrences.

Now, most of the reasons why most persons feel discouraged to write is because they find it daunting and hard to start; some other times: daunting to finish an article already started.

Well here are tips that could help you if you are one of those in this "class room". But first, writing in my perspective, is simply the transfer of what you have in your mind into a paper or a readable platform that could be read and understood by someone else, a human being definitely.
So most times when you pen down you are simply transferring what you have in your mind already, to the external world. Writing is a form of communication and is very much similar to talking, only that when writing one is not making sounds (Oral).

Now back to the tips. To start writing:

1. Do not think twice, just settle down and start anyway or anyhow. Write down the first word.

2. Once you have started, and as you keep writing, keep pouring all that you have in your mind on that paper or platform(typing on phone).

3. At this present stage, avoid, - like you would avoid a pit - from checking for spelling(s) or sentence(s) correction(s). All you should be concerned about is putting your thought on that platform.

4. Now, after you are finished with putting your thoughts to that medium. It is done! You have written.

5. All you have to do next is edit your write-up and share to the world, if you choose. I believe this part should not be difficult. Try and keep editing until you are satisfied with that particular write-up.

Save this: do not hope for perfection!

Perfection can never be achieved.

Whatever you think is perfect will still be found unworthy by some other persons.

In writing this article, I utilised the above rules which I delineated above, and that was how I was able to complete this particular write-up.

The first draft of this write-up was crappy. But I had to edit it to make it nice and smooth as it is now.

Keep writing to educate and entertain the world. Keep writing to air your view.

Readers are leaders!
Writers are coaches!

As a writer, especially if you are famous, you have the power to influence how people live their life and make their decisions.

I believe persons are products of what they read!

Keep moving!

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