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Mar 31 2018 at 07:53pm

Despite the terrifying transformation in the world of console Game, starting from the day of Nintendo Super Mario, Sega (super star soccer and mortal combat) to the modern ages of PlayStation (PS) and X-Box Games. Despite there ever modifying ethics by the publishers still the invention of mobile games over-raided their relevance.
So as a professional Video Game writer with #BulevurGames i have tested, written and reviewed several console, PC and Mobile Games and relies that for the past seven (7) months I have been playing more mobile games than console games. The reason….. am about to find out, but before then, I believe there are more people just like me just like me, just that they have failed to come in reality with the fact or there are too reluctant to ascertain their sudden change (why the sudden change). One of the major reasons I came to relies is that:

· The handiness of mobile Games : we are in a world where everybody seems busy, even when you are doing nothing – one is bound to be tightly engaged with Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. We are in a world where humans barely get ready for anything anymore e.g get ready for church, get ready for dinner even get ready for bed. We just want a situation where by we wake up in the morning and breakfast is served, go to room at night and the bed is made. It goes on and on. Having said that, same apply to my console games; can there be ever a way I can go to my sitting room and relies my X-Box 360 game is ready, waiting for me to press the “Start Button” to enjoy my Star-Wars Games? I guess that’s a nope! But then…. that’s where my Mobile Game buddy comes in. All I need do is to fling it out of my pocket open the App and Viola! I am on; you don’t ever get ready for anything, just like a reflex action.

· The cute little Screen – black is beautiful they say, but to some people small is even more beautiful in fact the smaller the better. Believe it or not, some will prefer to watch CNN on their mobile device to their 48 inches LCD TV. Yap! That’s what op!! So to those set of people, playing on smaller screens is just too perfect than the conventional TV screen. To those dudes, it is not just beautiful, it is sexy. The other reason has to do with control because hey! Everybody wanna be in control. So playing on your mobile device actually makes you get your hands round it, giving you that feeling that you are really in charge which I suspect might be because of the closeness that led to the closer connection. Oh man! That sounds more like love making on a Sunday morning!!........lol.

· Affordability – now my last observation, which would be ……….money, money, money. Don’t need to talk much on this one ‘cos almost every gamer knows this. For Christ sake! Why will I has to send $500 on a console Game when I can spend as low as $278 on (almost….lol) same fun fare? Now that’s real management going on there. Not like am born to kill zombies .
Though I still play my console game but only on occasional bases, probably when I am testing a new release, and though my favorite game-play has no mobile version (yet). But when it comes to the leisure part of gaming, it might just be the mobile all the ways. So what do you think?

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Last edited 31 Mar 2018

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