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[sportLight]Whats the name of the woman on the 20 naira note?

Dec 04 2014 at 11:08am

Do you know the woman in the picture below?
I always see her picture on the 20 naira note but i never knew who she was until my Jss 3 when we were thought contemporary artists in Nigeria. Our fine art teacher (Mr.Alan Ngbede) told us that her name is Lady Kwali a traditional potter. Since then i ve got her name and her occupation handy because i ve always wanted to know who she was.

That woman on the 20 naira note is Lady Kwali, a traditional potter. She is also Nigeria's best known potter who was born in 1925.

Fullname: Dr. Lady Dosei Kwali.

Hope you have learnt something new today?

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Last edited 04 Dec 2014

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