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Players who left for the Chinese Super League too soon

Mar 23 2017 at 10:37am

A transfer to china would be something else entirely. That is
basically acknowledging your career is over" - Arjen robben.

I agree with this statement, i don't see any reason
why a Young player or a player at his peak would move to a league
lower than the MLS; other than the lure of money.

A Brazillian, born september 9 1991, plays as an attacking midfielder.
Recently Signed for Shanghai SIPG for £60 million from chelsea.

He will earn £400,000 a week. Oscar has won the EPL, league cup and
Europa league with Chelsea.

He is a skillful player and one of the best in his position when he is at
the top of his game. At 25 clubs in the top leagues would be willing to
take him off chelsea. This is a wrong move for him.

A brazillian footballer who plays for Jiangsu Suning, born January 6
1990. He plays as an attacking midfielder, Signed from shaktar donesk
for £30 million.

He will earn $11.5 million per Annum china. A very skillful player with
an eye for goal, scored 89 goals in 222 appearance for shaktar

Liverpool offered £24 million for his services, his previous club
rejected the offer. He was eventually sold to Jiangsu Suning.
Not really his fault, he once said he wants to play for a big Club.

Shaktar has a policy to sell to small clubs who can afford a higher fee.

"Shaktar prefer to sell to small clubs that can afford a higher fee,
rather than selling to traditional clubs that wouldn't Pay the same
amount" - Willian.

Another brazillian professional footballer, who plays for Jiangsu
Suning, born March 24 1987.

Ramires is a multifunctional player that can play across the midfield.
He was Signed from chelsea for £25 million. he currently earns £10
million per Annum.

Ramires is a powerful and pacy player. At 29 he should be at his peak,
top clubs will definitely Pay to get a player of his calibre.

Even at 35 Ibrahimovic turned down a move to china. why should a
younger player move there? You all know the answer to that question.

A Belgian professional footballer born January 12 1989. Plays for
Tianjin in china. Signed from Zenit st Petersburg in Russia for 20
million Euros. He currently earns £294,000 per week.

Axel Witsel is a central midfield player, good with the ball can also
score goals from his deep midfielder position 22 goals in 180 games for Zenit.

Juventus made an offer to sign him from Zenit, but he opted for
Tianjin. A player his age 27 years should be playing for a top club. He
just couldn't turn down "chinese money".

"There was a crucial offer for my family that i couldn't turn down" -
Axel witsel.

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Last edited 23 Mar 2017

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