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Medical Tourism in Dubai for Nigerians

Jun 20 2018 at 05:29pm

 Nigerians Welcome!

Nigerians Welcome!  Experience Medical Tourism in Dubai  
What’s Your Problem?  Dr. Salti finds it, treats it, and cures it for good

Dr. Nader SaltiChief of SurgeryGeneral nd Colorectal Surgery

+971 42484500

[email protected]

Languages: English and Arabic

Dr. Nader Salti is certified (1999) and recertified (2008) by the American board of surgery. He is an associated fellow of the American college of surgeons and a member of the American medical association. Dr. Nader Salti received his college and medical degrees from the prestigious university of Chicago, Chicago, USA(1989, 1993). He completed his general surgery residency training at the University of Rochester, Rochester, NY, under the tutelage of Dr.Seymour Schwartz, one of the giants of American surgical scholarship (1998).

Subsequently, he finished subspecialty fellowship training in colon-rectal surgery at the university of Illinois and cook county hospitals, Chicago (1999), under the direction of surgeon pioneer Dr. Herand Abcarian. For the next decade Dr. Salti was in private surgical practice in the Chicagoland and Wisconsin areas. His calling to Dubai has allowed him to reach one of his passions in life, and that is helping as many multinationals as he can under one "roof".

Dr. Salti's special interests include the following:

• Advanced laser interventional ablation (EVLT), surgical excision,  and chemical sclerotherapy treatment of varicose veins and chronic leg wounds

 • Laparoscopic (keyhole) and open hernia surgery ( inguinal, ventral, abdominal wall) 

• Diseases of the colon, rectum, and anus (colorectal cancer, hemorrhoids, fissures, fistula, rectal prolapse, anal incontinence, complex anoplasties)

• Endocrine mini-surgery (thyroid,  parathyroid, neuro-endocrine)

• Laparoscopic hepato- biliary surgery (gall bladder,  bile duct,  pancreas) 

• Breast disorders, breast cancer, sentinel nodes, breast lumps 

Please call for appointment or write Dr. Salti directly at [email protected] or Call the Call Center of the Emirates Specialty Hospital (www.eshospital.com)in Dubai Healthcare City at +97142484500 and ask for appointment with Dr. Nader Salti directly.

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