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Manchester United have biggest wage bill in world football - report

Nov 14 2016 at 08:55am

Manchester United have the highest wages
in world football according to a global
sports salary survey, produced annually by
the Sporting Intelligence website.
United's first-team squad earn £5.77 million-
a-year basic salary on average, which is
£110,961-per-week. That is reportedly more
than double the average basic first-team pay
in England's top division, which is
£2,438,275-a-year or £48,766-a-week.

The club are the fourth highest paid in
world sport, behind Cleveland Cavaliers of
the NBA (£6.54m average), New York
Yankees of the MLB (£5.81m) and LA Clippers
of the NBA (£5.78m). The next highest
football clubs on the list of world sports
teams are fifth-placed Barcelona (£5.64m)
and ninth-placed Manchester City (£5.42m).

In the Premier League, the two Manchester
clubs were followed on the list of big
spenders by Chelsea (£4.51m), Arsenal
(£3.71m), Liverpool (£3.01m) and Tottenham
Hotspur (£2.68m).

The lowest wages in the Premier League
were at Burnley (£0.95m), Bournemouth
(£1.1m), Hull City (£1.22m) and
Middlesbrough (£1.22m). They were still
higher than the average wages for Scottish
champions Celtic (£0.71m).
The findings showed that United have three
players in the top 10 of best-paid players in
world football.

Paul Pogba was fifth (£15.1m
per year or £290,000 per week), Wayne
Rooney was eighth (£13.5m per year or
£260,000 per week) and Zlatan Ibrahimovic
was 10th (£13m per year or £250,000 per
No other Premier League players were in the
top 10 of that list, which included four from
La Liga and three from China. The best-paid
players were jointly Real Madrid's Cristiano
Ronaldo and Barcelona's Lionel Messi, who
brought in £18.98m per year or £365,000
per week.

The Premier League, though, pays more
than double the average salary of their
nearest competitors La Liga (£1,239,295)
and Serie A (£1,105,633).
Premier League average pay has multiplied
by almost 32 times in 25 seasons, from
about £77,000 in 1992-93. United's first-
team salaries have risen from about
£140,000 per year in the first Premier
League year to more than 40 times that

Source: Espnfc

Last edited 14 Nov 2016

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