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How To Unlock Any Phone Without Knowing the password

Dec 30 2017 at 03:46pm

Remove the batery of the phone and check the imei number or while the phone is not yet locked, dial*#06#to get the imei or serial number of the

phone. .Write down the 15 digit imei number somewhere

*.Go tohttp://www.unlockitfree.com

*.When the page loads, select,free remote master code .

*.In the area provided for imei/serial number, insert the serial/imei number of the phoneClick on generate.Once done, a number will be generated, that's the master code for the phone, copy and keep the number.

When ever that particular phone is locked with security code and you want

to unlock it, even though you don't know the phone's security code, just enter that number, i.e.Master code and it'll be unlocked!Like and share

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