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how to make money online (the truth)

Sep 13 2014 at 06:59pm

am taking out time to write this post because the popularity some fraud(scam) on making money online while sleeping is getting. I see friends and close friends post stuffs like "hey follow this link to make instant $10 dollars now" on their Facebook wall and other social media. I took out time to Google if any of such programs really have actual humans that made actual cash out of them.

The results and conclusions from my research show that nobody, not even the person that gave you the damn link or the person that gave that person have cashed out anything from such programs.

Also as a developer and an entrepreneur I can't imagine a company dishing out $10 every second to hundreds of millions of potential clients (where do the money come from).

What these guys want are informations; your information and that of the people you introduce to (their scam site) money making while sleeping. Then what? Spam emails with a lots of amazing offers that ain't even real. Please stay alert as you use the Internet a lot of Judas are on the Internet.

It's possible to make money online but not by sleeping. I promise to write an article soon about some real ways to make real money online (but not by sleeping).

Stay away from monthlyyouths and co. bye bye and thanks for reading. Use the Quick reply box to send your comments.

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Re: how to make money online (the truth)

Sep 14 2014 at 05:19am

shey una d hear?

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Re: how to make money online (the truth)

Nov 08 2014 at 09:39am

We hear

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