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Headies organizers explain to Tekno why he was nominated for the "Next Rated" category

Nov 13 2016 at 05:31pm

Ever since Tekno was named among the
nominees for the Next Rated category at
the 2016 Headies Awards, he has shown
his deep displeasure at still being counted
as an 'upcoming artist'.
He went online to say he has been too long
in the game to be placed in that category.

He took to Instagram to say "‘Next rated
after how many years! Let’s be honest pls".
The organisers of the Headies awards have
come out to explain why Tekno still remains
in the 'Next Rated' category, despite having
released his first single in 2013.
Read below

Over the years, Nigeria’s most prestigious
music award, The Headies has strived for
excellence in building the award on true
values of integrity, transparency and
responsibility. We have worked hard to
reward artistic ingenuity since day one and
also educating the teaming fans of the
award, the public and the entertainment
industry about the rules of the awards and
the criteria for nominations in each
category. Often times, we realize that the
fans, people in the industry and the media
are either misled or not paying attention to
the rules and criteria for nomination.
Hence, it is important to set the record
straight and continue to enlighten the
industry and the fans.

We recognise how
important The Headies is to our industry
and we will not take information for
Next Rated for example are officially
unreleased artiste in the year under review.
This means, no matter how good or
popular your song may be, how many hit
singles or how many good music videos
you may have, if you have not recorded and
released an official album, you are still
eligible to be nominated for that category.
In the same vein, you may start your career
a year ago, as long as you have released an
album, will not the eligible for nomiation in
the Next Rated Category.

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