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Some Nigeria Online Forums That Will Grow Big By 2020.

Feb 08 2017 at 11:39am

Projectnaija - Many of you dont know Projectnaija(PN),It is an online forum that allows users to register,create post, comment,quote,like post and so many other functions . it current have over 1650 registered user..It is going to be among the most visited forums in Nigeria by 2020 ...
Full site www . projectnaija . com

Leapfame - They name may sounds familiar this is another awesome forum I urge you to join . It has a quick nagivation , a pretty good design and layout etc.
Full site www . leapfame . com

Naijanetwork - Yeah, You Must have heard about this forum , it design in absolutely marvelous, It is also a news portal where you get all the latest and trendings .

Full site www . naijanetwork . com

Bestnaija - If you heard of nairaland , then you must have definitely come.
across Bestnaija , This forum is the BEST as the name implies it is the possible competitor of Nairaland as of now.
Full site www . bestnaija . com

NCT - Yes it made the list , This forum is once known as Nigerian Coders Team But Now Nigeria Creative Talents.This site design is mindblowing,Easy to navigate ,Great User Panel etc
Full site www . nct . com . ng

Gistmania - What do you know , I don't think this comprehensive list is complete without this forum , Folks if you have never heard of gistmania then I don't think you have ever use the internet . It is a clean forum with great potentials .
Full site www . gistmania . com

Jackobian - Oh My God, Nigeria will be great This forum should have been listed first . If you are a fan of make money online and you have not visited this site then you are going about it the wrong way, Jackobian set out with a different mission But end up where it is today , without over 15,000 registered users under 1 year I doubt if there is any other forum that is likely to success then jackobian.
Full site www . jackobian . com

Guruslodge - Well , Not much to say but this is one of the most likely to succeed forum..
Full site www . guruslodge . com

The above content was written and compiled by me (Abijah J B),Your opinion and views maybe different from mine..it is a free world ....

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