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Rihanna Blasts Snapchat Over Tone Deaf, Domestic Violence AD

Mar 16 2018 at 07:01pm


Rihanna has reacted to an ad that appeared on Snapchat service that featured herself and Chris Brown.

The advert was for a game called ‘Would You Rather’ , it was displayed on the app for US users, asking them to select a choice between slapping Rihanna and punching Chris Brown.


Reacting to the ad, Riri asked that the app be thrown away as it according to her brought shame to domestic violence victims and made a joke of it.

See post below:


Following the ad, the general public had accused Snapchat of ‘making light’ of domestic violence.

The app was accused of appearing “tone deaf” due to Chris Brown’s conviction for assaulting Rihanna in his car in 2009 while the pair were in a relationship.

Snapchat has however since  removed the advert and issued an apology.

“The advert was reviewed and approved in error, as it violates our advertising guidelines,” they told the BBC “We immediately removed the ad last weekend, once we became aware.”

“We are sorry that this happened.” they said


Last edited 16 Mar 2018

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